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Microsoft Office 2010 suites "The fading fly shadow" in micro blog revealed

Posted on 2011-Dec-22 at 07:00

Microsoft Office 2010 suites "The fading fly shadow" in micro blog revealed

 "during the world expo also signed the hotel and magnificent pre-paid agreement, finally, many hotels because electronic threat from China. Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

Most of the monomer hotel or hotel group is dare to electronic anger, to speak for their benefit, they hope it can only help them battle cry, they came to the key moment: but, they stand back, hotel darling doesn't gain for themselves, to contribute to the monopoly of the bully, eventually, those who hold by the vast number of consumers can only hope to overturn this industry dominates the......."

So many insider, why now just said out?

Where to nets hotel products division senior director WangJing tells a reporter, because a word "afraid". In his hotel and hotel reservation industry has played more than ten years, he thought, the hotel operator general would want to offend ctrip.com, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

meet things tend to choose close in private, and as art dragon, mango, 12580, the enterprise will also be on the hotel's begged for them under keep a secret, so that those who hold at bay.

Even those who hold down the hotel to the media, causing the monopoly and unfair competition cases of too much space report, many hotels will still reluctant speaking up. Microsoft Office changes life.

For example, "fax door" events (2010 years, those who hold faxed numerous and their cooperation of hainan hotel, to stop supplied to other than ctrip.com website lower prices), blocked the magnificent ctrip.com (during the world expo referrals huitong world all those who hold the price lower than the ctrip.com hotel),


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