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Buy Office 2010 As dispatches from foreign news agencies report

Posted on 2011-Nov-14 at 10:45

Buy Office 2010 As dispatches from foreign news agencies report

 ending March 31, in the first quarter, alcatel net profit of 104 million euros (129 million dollars), and earnings per share 8 cent; By contrast, in the first quarter of 2005, alcatel net profit of 124 million euros, earnings per share and euro cents. Many people like the Office 2010 pro .

 In the first quarter of 2005, contains 69 million euros of one-time investment income.

This quarter revenue for 3.07 billion euros ($3.81 billion), an increase of 17.6%. Alcatel's first quarter results expected to reach, analysts had expected the first quarter earnings per share for alcatel 8 cent, revenue for 2.9 billion euros.

Operating profits over the same period last year (107 million euros by up to 198 million euros.

Alcatel in the second quarter is expected to revenue growth of 5%-7%.

On April 28, Siemens, a German company news on Thursday the fiscal earnings in the second quarter. Results showed that due to restructuring plan receive certain result, Office 2010 home and student is free for you.

 the second quarter net profit increased 14% year-on-year to 887 million euros ($1.1 billion), earnings per share 1 euro; The company and announced it will with the price of 1.86 billion dollar buying American medical equipment manufacturers Diagnostic Products (DPC).

According to reports MarketWatch, Siemens the second quarter of revenue of 21.51 billion euros ($26.7 billion), up 21%; The order an increase of 22%, worth 24.41 billion euros ($). Siemens this quarter profit and revenue Numbers are more than analysts had expected. Office 2010 home and business is your best choice.


That day, Siemens shares fell 1.3% in Frankfurt stock exchange, closing at 78.70 euros.

Acquisitions overseas project is still in the integration of the period TCL group (000100 SZ), annual report released today show last year loss 320 million yuan. However, it on the same day that the disclosure of the quarterly reports show this year, KuiSunMian is gradually narrow.

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