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Office Professional 2010 On August 3, 2006

Posted on 2011-Nov-3 at 04:47

Office Professional 2010 On August 3, 2006

philips for a fee of 6.4 billion euros will its semiconductor department 80.1% of the shares sold to a private investment combination.

On October 12, 2006, philips will its global mobile phone business over to China's electronic information industry group company.

On dec. 3, 2006, will sell the philips announced in LG philips LCD has all of the shares. Outlook 2010 is discount for this month.


On January 23, LG electronics announced the 2006 in the fourth quarter revenue, its fourth quarter sales of $5.886 billion. Thanks to strong sales of high-end products, including overseas company, the global sales growth of 9.8% in the first quarter than before.

The fourth quarter, LG mobile communications company's sales of $2.505 billion, increased by 2.3% than before. Among them, the mobile phone business income than increased 2.9% from the previous quarter, totaling $2.332 billion, total shipments to 17 million mobile phone is films, including 8.9 million of CDMA mobile phone, some 6.2 million GSM mobile phones and 1.8 million in the mobile phone. WCDMA Thus, LG electronics in 2006 to a total of 64 million mobile phone shipments.

At the same time, LG plasma TV business and LCD TV shipments of the business, respectively in the prior quarter than increases of 55% and 72%.Microsoft outlook is the best system ever.

 But because of the price of the fall of the year, and more of the inventory, LG digital display company sales declined, for $1.279 billion.

In addition, LG digital multimedia company achieve $700 million in the fourth quarter sales. And thanks to strong sales of high-end products, LG digital home appliance company sales up 5.8%, to $1.397 billion, profits have also increased 23.4% year-on-year to us $66 million. Thus, the overall sales in LG electronics revenue in the field of product, high-end the proportion of the growth to 60% from 57% has been. LG electronics sector, in 2006, Office 2007 is on sale now.

 the statistics Korea home sales of 23.2 trillion won ($24.2 billion), a net profit of 212 billion won ($222 million). And from a global view, LG electronics of the 2006 total sales for 36.73 trillion won ($38.46 billion), up 3% from 2005.


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